Friday, November 20, 2009

Flower Fact Friday - Sunflowers

Wow! This week went by really fast, and I just realized that I still hadn't written my Flower Fact yet. As a side note, I hope to soon be announcing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales - so keep your eyes open.

This week's flower fact is about the Sunflower, the fastest growing plant and the state flower of Kansas. In as little as 6 months, Sunflowers can grow to be 3-18 feet tall. The bloom or head of the Sunflower is actually made up of hundreds or thousands of individual flowers, with each 'pedal' being a single flower that doesn't seed. These incredible flowers also 'follow' the sun as it travels across the sky each day. After the sun has set, the Sunflower prepares for dawn by slowly moving back into it's natural position, with the head pointing East.

Sunflowers as a food:
Sunflower seeds are often used as birdseed, but are also edible to humans. They make a quick and delicious snack, and can act as a substitute for nuts. Sunflower oils are used in cooking, and are often used as an alternative to vegetable, corn or olive oil. In fact, there are many large manufacturers of Potato Chips that use Sunflower Oil for baking or frying their snacks.

Their beauty and and nutritional value make Sunflowers both practical and ideal for your home and yard decor.

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