Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Flower Fact

In an attempt to make my blog more active and interesting, I'm going to start a 'Friday Flower Fact'. It may be something you already know, or something completely random. The fact will be about real or artificial flowers and may adapt as time progresses. That being said, our 'Friday Flower Fact' for today is:

Every month has a birth flower, much like the birth stone. The November birth flower is the Chrysanthemum and is said to symbolize joy and optimism.

Original Chrysanthemums were a yellow or golden color. Greek words 'Chrys' meaning Golden and 'anthemion' meaning flower were combined to name it. The Chrysanthemum can now be found in a range of colors, with white, red and yellow being the most popular. Often times, the centers of the bushy blossoms are a golden color. There are both perennial and annual Chrysanthemums, making them convenient for multiple landscaping and decorating needs. This flower is versatile and easy to grow in multiple climates, even though it originated as a tropical plant.

In addition to their beauty, Chrysanthemums petals are sometimes used to make tea. This tea is used by some as a remedy for congestion, to aid in lung strengthening or to reduce fevers, among other medicinal purposes.

If you're looking for an extra special gift for someone born in November, give them Chrysanthemums and show just how much you care.


  1. aw, great idea about flower fact fridays!! i love learning new things :) I know my flower is the rose! although, i'm not a huge fan lol.

  2. I'll be listing them off at the beginning of each month, so you'll get to see more of them. July's birth flower is the Larkspur. Here's a picture: