Friday, December 4, 2009

Flower Fact Friday - December Birth Flower

Today I'm featuring Holly, the December Birth Flower. Along with being a beautiful decoration, most commonly known for use during the December holidays, Holly is the state tree of Delaware. Holly bushes are dioecious, meaning that there is a female and a male version of the plant. The female Holly needs to be within several feet of the male Holly in order to bear the beautiful red berries. If the female bush doesn't have the male bush within the proper proximity, it will continue to grow, but will not produce berries.

It's also not a good idea to eat Holly berries, even though you may see birds or other animals snacking on them. Holly berries, are mildly poisonous to humans, and the symptoms of minor ingestion are much like a stomach virus. When used in controlled amounts, extracts of Holly have been used as many home remedies, a little surprising considering their ability to make you sick. It is not recommended that people ingest any form of Holly, but I found this information interesting.

Happy Birthday to all my December Birthday Friends - Hopefully you enjoyed this information about your birth month flower!

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