Friday, February 19, 2010

Flauxers Flower Fact Friday - Tulips

Spring is almost here, daylight is starting to last longer, the weather is starting to get warmer, and the birds that have flown south for the winter are returning. Soon we will begin to see the first signs that winter is over, with spring flowers growing and blooming. One of my favorite spring flowers is the Tulip. Much like the rose, different colored tulips have different symbolization/meanings. Tulips as a whole are often thought to symbolize fame, passion, imagination, and a declaration of love.
Yellow Tulips - never ending love
Red Tulips - Declaration of love/belief
Multi-colored or Variegated Tulips - Beauty (especially beautiful eyes)

I'm a big fan of food, so I always find it interesting when I stumble upon edible flowers/floral greens. Did you know that Tulip bulbs are edible? If you're needing onions for a recipe, Tulip bulbs can be used in their place. One major problem for me about this replacement is that you'll have one less of these colorful and beautiful flowers in your garden each spring.

Happy beginning signs of Spring!!!

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