Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Flower Fact - January Birth Flower

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts since before the holidays. I had every intention of posting, just on different days of the week, only I couldn't fit it in. That being said, I hope that everyone's new year has been going well and that 2010 is a wonderful year!

Now, back to my routine..... ;)

Since, I generally do the Birth Flower posts the first Friday of the month, and that I've missed the first 2 Fridays of this month, I'm going to pick up there. The January Birth Flower is the Carnation. The scientific name of this flower is Dianthus caryophyllus. Dianthus means flower of the gods or flower of love, depending upon the translation being used. Much like the Rose, the symbolism or meaning behind the Carnation varies by color.

Carnations (any) Fascination
Pink Carnations Mother's Love
Light red Carnations Admiration
Dark red Carnations Deep Love and Woman's Affection
White Carnations Pure Love and Good Luck
Striped Carnations Regret
Green Carnations St. Patrick's Day
Purple Carnations Impulsiveness
Yellow Carnation Disappointment

The Carnation is said to have been used by the ancient Greek and Roman people, as decoration, and first appeared in garland. These versatile flowers have come a long way and are now the official flower of Mother's Day.