Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Birth Flower

April is often thought of as a month when the weather starts getting warmer, and rain starts to replace the no longer appreciated snow that we've been faced with all winter. April is often a time when flowers begin to bloom and people begin to enjoy being outside more again. That's why I think that it's very appropriate that the Birth Flower for April is a cheerful, and beautiful, yet simple one... the Daisy.

The word Daisy is derived from the old English words, 'Day's Eye,' and is often associated with innocence, simple beauty, purity and never-ending love. Like the Sunflower, the bloom of a Daisy is not considered to be a single flower. Instead, it is consisted of 2 types, the white petals (ray florets) and the yellow centers (disk florets). Daisies are most commonly known as being a white and yellow flower, but sometimes the white petals are a slight shade of pink. These annually blooming, or perennial flowers are one of the most commonly sold flowers in the US.

When planting Daisies, be sure to use fertilizer and cover them in a thick layer or mulch or other material in the winter months to keep the bulbs from getting too cold.

Daisy leaves are also edible. Other edible members of the Daisy 'family' are lettuce and Dandelions, so don't be surprised to see them listed on a menu at your favorite restaurant.

Monday, April 5, 2010