Monday, August 22, 2011

Real flowers are great too...

Often times, brides want real flowers in their bouquet on their big day instead of artificial ones. My opinion is that this sounds great! Every Bride needs to remember that this is HER big day. All that matters is that she picks items and makes plans to please herself and her future marital partner, no one else.

The only drawback to using real flowers in your bridal bouquet is that they are usually wilted and gone by the time you get back from your honeymoon. BUT, if photos of your bouquet are provided to Flauxers, we can generally create a bouquet replica, using artificial flowers (availability of the flowers may cause some hiccups, but we'll do everything we can to create a replica for you).

Pictured below are photos of the original and replica bouquets from the June 2011 Wedding featured in this blog. There are some minor differences, but the bride recognized the bouquet the moment that she saw it, and was so pleased to have a bouquet to remind her of her wedding day.

If you are a bride, or want to give the bride something special to remember her big day by, and real flowers have been chosen for the bridal bouquet, we can still create a bouquet replica that can be kept for years and years to come.

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