Sunday, April 1, 2012

What do May flowers bring?

Lilac Rose Arrangement - $65
(including Lilac scent)
"April showers bring May flowers." This is a rhyme that we all grew up hearing and reciting. However, this year we've had an unseasonably warm winter, early snapshots of Spring, and sneak peeks of Summer. So much so, that my May flowers have started to bloom already, and I am finding inspiration everywhere that I turn.

Now don't get me wrong, we all know that I work with artificial flowers, but I still do love my flower gardens that are filled with real flowers. The only problem is that their beauty is limited, and only lasts for a short time. Artificial flowers don't need watering, extra care, and won't wilt away in a few days. These are just a couple of reasons that I prefer to work with artificial flowers.  

Yellow Roses in Water - $51
(including rose scent)
There have been numerous progressions with artificial flowers through the years, and often times people think of the plastic-like, flower shaped groupings of discolored, dust crusted items that their Grandmother had sitting in the corner of her living room. This is no longer the case.
In fact, sometimes the only way to know if a flower is real or artificial is by analyzing the fluid or soil they are resting in.  There are even some plants/flowers that feel like real flowers. You know, the soft, smooth feeling that we grew up thinking only real flowers had. My flowers also recently became available with scents.  I infuse the scent of the flower(s) directly into the arrangement. I love this feature, and think that it makes the discerning between the real flowers and artificial ones even more difficult.

Buy something that is more realistic, without the maintenance.  Let's face it - we all live busy lives and rarely have time to think about watering, caring for, or even remembering the last time that we replaced our flowers.  Buy something artificial for your home, your desk at work, your wardrobe (yes, I create accessories too!), or even that special occasion that you want to remember forever (like a wedding?).

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