Friday, November 9, 2012

Re-purposing The Flowers After The Big Day

Since I work with only artificial flowers, I've had a number of brides ask me what to do with the reception centerpieces, aisle decorations, church/altar flowers after the big day. With real flowers, they die a few days afterward, and they easily get discarded. But, with artificial flowers, since they never die, you get more for out of the money that you spend. They continue to brighten your day, and remind you of the fun you had during your celebration, for years to come. Since this is a question that I get pretty often, I decided to list some "after the celebration" ideas.
  1. Reception Centerpieces - Brides and grooms often give guests wedding favors, well, what if, along with those favors, one member from each table gets to take home the beautiful centerpiece? You could have the winner's napkin, chair, or even favor tagged to let them know that they can keep this amazing part of your big day. The guest then has an arrangement to put on display in his/her home, and you can see it each time that you visit. 
  2. Aisle decorations - Depending upon the complexities of your aisle decor, they can usually be easy changed into bouquets or arrangements for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to always have. These ladies are close to your hearts, and will love the surprise of having this extra special part of your big day.
  3. Church/Altar Flowers - These arrangements tend to be on the larger side, as they need to be easily viewed by every guest at your wedding. Because of this, unless you have a large front entrance in your home, these may look out of place. If you choose not to keep them, most churches are often looking for flowers that they can use to decorate their altar through various times of the year, and would openly accept the donation of the flowers. Another option is to break down the arrangements into smaller pieces after your big day, and use them through your house, or donate to other organizations in need.
There are also couples out there who have a very limited or near non-existent floral budget. You could also donate (or sell) any of your flowers to one of these couples, to help them decorate their wedding as they had always dreamed.

As you've seen before from previous posts, I used artificial flowers for my wedding, and some of my bridesmaids still have their bouquets on display in their homes (6.5 years later!). Artificial flowers look, and sometimes feel, incredibly realistic these days. Why not use your money on something that will last for years to come, always reminding you, and others of the amazing time that was had at your wedding?

Please feel free to comment with other ideas for reusing the flowers from a wedding.